Nutrients from all kinds of seeds and greens

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    Vitamins, minerals and antitoxins

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    CLEANSE and PURIFY your biology, replacing toxins with necessary vitamins and minerals. Core is Rain's proprietary blend of the best greens and seeds with a synergistic effect-perfect to supplement your balanced diet. Core flushes out the bad and fills you up with the best-all with a one-ounce drink.


    The 1 Ounce Shot Worth Its Weight in Gold

    Core’s formula promotes healthy function within the body’s organs. In addition to the ingredients and their benefits listed above, Aloe Vera benefits digestive health, Chloropyllin improves the function of detoxification pathways, Wheatgrass is a powerful antioxidant that benefits the entire body, and Chlorella is a potent source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein.*


    Ingredients-CORE is packed with nutrients from all kinds of seeds and greens.

    Within CORE is:


    -Aloe Vera


    -Wheat Grass

    -Cranberry Seed

    -Milk Thistle Seed


    -Black Cumin Seed



    Each of these ingredients contributes to good health and have a powerful effect on your body’s organs. For example, Spirulina promotes brain function while Kale assists in fat digestion and Dandelion benefits skin health for improved overall wellness.*