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    Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Nerve Damage, Asthma, Back Fusion

    Nemesapati Norbert​-Boxing World Champion

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    Multiple Sclerosis

    Nose Cancer

    Skin Disease

    This little girl was born with skin disease and since the tender age of 1, her spots has spread all over her face. She was recommended to take Soul in January 2013, with minimum 2 packets of Soul a day and spreading the residue on her face. Today, she is 3 years old and she was healed, continuing Soul with 1 Sachet a day!


    1st Feb 2014 was a nightmare for my family when everyone were getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year but I've received a call from my sister in Melaka. She was weeping and told me that her 18months old daughter has Leukemia. She said they can not come home this New Year because baby Siew Siew must start on Chemo treatment asap. During that anxious moment, I can only pray and trust God! I'm so thankful for an angel, Rachel started to broadcast about my niece's situation to her company downline and I was so surprise by the many volunteers willing to contribute this Nutrition drink called Soul for my niece. During the time when baby Siew Siew was on her Chemo treatment, we also gave her the drink Soul.

    After a few weeks, I was amazed that baby has no side effect while other kids in the same ward who went through the Chemo treatment appears weak, shows no energy and don't have appetites. Unlike other kids, my niece was still extremely active, and she can dance until her bed was shaking. She could sing and clap!! Today 8th May 2014 was a Joyful day for me!! After three months, we finally heard this great news from doctor's report; her bone morrow has come back to normal, blast was only 1% and there is no need to eat the medicine capsule daily anymore. She only need to come back to the hospital monthly for body check up.

    Ulcer/Menstrual Pain

    After taking Rain Soul Juice once a day, it helps her ulcer and period pain. THANKS TO RAIN SOUL JUICE! Agnes Montecalvo Balingcasag

    Bone Spurs

    Testimony from Ms. Mimi Ang, from Penang, Malaysia. Suffered from slipped disc since April, 2008. I have done MRI of the cervical spine and is found as below :- Generalized disc bulges are seen at C4/5, C5/6 and C6/7. A left paracentral disc extrusion is seen C5/6, The cord is compressed at C5/6.

    Due to slipped disc at cervical spine area C5/6 and it caused me almost paralysation during the critical days and even a sneezed caused me admitted hospital due to the cord compressed and nerve inflammation. I was spending more than RM30k for admission, check up, physiotheraphy and chiropractic, but the treament was forever and never ending.

    And this continuously for 5 years. Thank God i met Erane Yeap; she introduced me to RAIN SOUL.

    After 2 weeks, i saw a 50% improvement and i felt it was amazing and awesome. And now i am still taking it as daily supplement and monitoring my situation. Indeed, after 2 months, i feel great and healthy.

    Duodenal Cancer

    I have had duodenal cancer for 6 years. I was diagnosed with the very worst stage 4 you can imagine. I put my affairs in order, as I was so sick and weak I believed I would die. My surgeon performed the Whipple procedure and although I began recovering, I was never cancer free... in 6 long years I have had all tests come back with cancer still in my body. During my latest visit to my doctor he was doing his usual exam and noted that he couldn't feel my liver... I immediately thought that was a bad thing, but he assured me that it was a VERY good thing, and that up until now he was always able to feel it. He also had the very surprising news that my blood work revealed that I was 100% cancer free!!! He asked me if there had been anything different I had been doing, and I told him about Soul, and that it was the only thing different... (she had only been drinking 1 a day for one month!!!) and he said 'I've never heard of that before, but I suggest you keep taking it!"~~ Janice M. ~~

    Poor Blood Circulation, Migraine and Poor Respiratory System

    I am Irene. When I first took my first packet of soul, my whole body felt uncomfortable. On the 2nd day, I couldn't even get up to send my children to school. This symptom only got better after a few days. I used to have poor blood circulation, had migraine and poor respiratory system, had edema. I also had skin problem and backache. I started consuming rain soul on 7/10/12. Now all my problems have greatly improved. My migraine, respiratory and skin problems had all gone. I am very thankful to my team who supports me and the advices given from our company nutritionist. Thank you Ms Lim for introducing me Rain Soul. Now I want to introduce this amazing seed oil to all my beloved friends and family. *I love Rain Soul*

    Parkinsons, Stroke, Dry Skin, PMT

    I was very unhappy that my husband who has Parkinsons disease, was having to take more and more drugs, so I began researching natural preparations and found Soul.

    I too had had a small stroke and was feeling unwell, and my nineteen year old daughter has suffered with psoriasis all her life. I found Janet and had a long chat with her and decided to become a partner too.

    My husband takes one a day and after three months he is not shuffling and has begun to walk faster. He has begun to use both hands now whereas he had stopped using his left arm. He is not sleeping as much either.

    I am overweight and have suffered from swollen legs and ankles for years. After two weeks I started to have loose skin on the top of my feet and could see my ankle bones. I have suffered from heartburn for several years, but since taking Soul I rarely get it now. I have more energy, usually at this time of the year I feel down with seasonal effective disorder but I am feeling energetic and happy. I have suffered from. Knee pain and sciatica but since taking Soul this has eased. I also put the residue on my face and my legs which are very dry, and this has had a great result.

    Unfortunately my daughters psoriasis has not changed, however since starting menstruating she has suffered from terrible pmt and debilitating pains. After the first month her pmt was minimal and she has been pain free for three months now. I tell everyone what a marvelous product it is. Elizabeth Jane Hill, United Kingdom

    Adult Acne